Performing Arts Pre-Professional Division

The Ballet Club’s Performing Arts Pre-Professional Division is a program for students ages 7 through teens that strives to provide the very best quality of ballet training, instilling in students a love of learning and an ability and desire for lifelong practice of ballet. The PAPP Division provides students with an outstanding opportunity to excel and become fluent in ballet, with an emphasis on technique, creativity, choreography, and performance. Performance opportunities include The Nutcracker project and featured roles in the Spring Concert, including the creation of an original ballet that incorporates student choreography. With a requirement of at least two days a week, students will accelerate their training and strength, as well as develop their creativity and artistry.

The Ballet Club has a holistic approach to training, in which students master ballet as a tool for their own creative expression, with an emphasis on healthy training for both the body and the mind. The most exciting aspect of training is to help each student perform at a level beyond what they think that they can do, both physically and mentally. This process and the achievement that results gives students an incredible joy and is a source of pride and accomplishment, as well as a foundation of life skills.

The training follows the curriculum and syllabus designed by Ms. Easterling-Freifelder and incorporates classical technique with a modern approach. It is accessible to both classical and non-classical dancers. Class size is limited to ensure individual attention.

1 Year Membership in the Performing Arts Pre-Professional Division includes:

A minimum of 3.5 – 4.0 hours of instruction per week in technique, choreography, and creative work
2 Performance opportunities per year
Featured performances in the Spring Concert at a theater space.
A Cast party
Two Costumes

Prospective students should take a placement class before registering. Call 917-281-1030 to schedule a placement class.

“In Ms. Easterling’s class, I have discovered how to dance freely while being technically correct. She pushes me to do challenging exercises and asks me to search my imagination and try things that I think are impossible.”

-Lydia Churchill, 19 year old pre-professional student/professional.