Dance Together Division

Ages 18 months – 3 years

These classes for very young children and their caregivers weave together elements of movement, dance, and imaginary play in a child-centered environment. Story-telling, songs, movement games, nursery rhymes, and music shape children’s dance and creative movement experiences. Through guided exploration, children have the opportunity to relate to others and to begin to learn the skills of participating in a dance class.


Toddlers in Dance Class?  Yes!

Dance provides kinesthetic experiences and develops a child’s physical, social, and emotional growth.  With the parent or caregiver working with the child, toddlers who take creative dance consistently develop gross and fine motor movements earlier and are more flexible and have better coordination than do their peers.  These children are great to behold as they develop and learn to move and carry themselves in exciting new ways.

Watch your child develop:

  • Motor control
  • Basic body concepts
  • Verbal and kinesthetic understanding
  • Spatial relationships
  • Inter- and intra-personal relationships
  • Self-awareness, out of which comes awareness of others

Young children learn through manipulation, imitation, observation, and exploration.  Remember, the children are learning, even when they are not moving.  With the modeling, support, and encouragement of a parent or caregiver, the young child is able to benefit most as she or he acclimates to the class in her or his own way.