Children’s Creative Dance Club Division

Ages 3 – 9 years

About the Program…

Children’s Creative Dance Club strives to provide the very best quality of dance training with a modern approach. We enable students to discover and develop their own talents and interests in dance, and class size is limited to ensure individual attention. Our program fosters positive body image and self-esteem.

The curriculum and syllabus were designed by Ms. Easterling-Freifelder. All students in our classes learn body-space awareness, musicality, master locomotor and non-locomotor skills, gain physical confidence, and explore the use of time, space, and energy in dance. In addition, all young children’s classes incorporate a play time that emphasizes developing imaginative skills. Some of the many benefits of ballet include proper body alignment, good posture, exercise, balance, muscle tone, strength, musical awareness, and focus.

Above all, we love the art and craft of dance, and are committed to instilling this joy and knowledge in our students.

Young Children’s Ballet Classes: This class introduces the student to age-appropriate ballet technique, musicality, and vocabulary. “Story Time” is incorporated into each class where students are introduced to the history of ballet and to the stories and music of the great classical ballets, following musical exercises from the book, Discovering Ballet: A Guide for Teachers of Young Children, written by Ms. Easterling-Freifelder. A demonstration is presented at the end of the first term, and a performance is given in the Spring.

Ballet Classes: The training places great emphasis on clean ballet technique, proper alignment, and musicality. There is also a strong focus on development of strength and precision. Classes incorporate classical technique with a contemporary approach.

For more information about Children’s Creative Dance Club and/or to sign up for a session, contact 917-281-1030 or






“My daughter has so much fun. She loves dancing and the class incorporates all styles, and allows the students to choreograph their own concerts.”
Jessica Davis, Parent

“You have been an inspiration to Isabel and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts”
Isabel’s Mom

“My daughter has gained confidence and creativity in the way she moves her body to music. The class also provides her with exercise and fun! There is a good balance of structure and spontaneity”
Amy Engelman, Parent

“I love Creative Dance Club because even though Ms. Easterling makes up some of the moves, we can put our own style into it!”
Liana, 8 year old Student

Birthday Parties !!

Host a “Dancing Birthday Party” for your child at The Ballet Club! Dance activities may include themes from ballets such as Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker, or you may create your own theme. Three packages are available. Download form for more information and prices.

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