Five Reasons Children, and Adults, Should Study Ballet

A unique ballet program in New York City, The Ballet Club offers students a foundation of life skills; physical health, intellectual stimulation, confidence, discipline, and fun!

1. Ballet promotes good health

Physical activity is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle, and ballet is a fabulous form of exercise that is unparalleled in terms of its thoroughness. New York City children today have even less opportunity to move than children living in New York City in the 1970s. Children walk less today and in many cases do not have daily gym class. Television, video games, and the internet have replaced physical activities during playtime.

Not only do our ballet classes promote physical health, they also promote emotional wellness. By children expressing themselves physically through movement to beautiful music, our ballet classes give students a creative and joyous outlet for their emotions. The artistic aspect of ballet (in contrast with sports) can create a supreme sense of joy and spirit in children.

2. Ballet builds confidence

With proper instruction, ballet can create enormous self-confidence. The mastery of the body alone gives a basic confidence in one’s physical self. Performing skills are fundamental components of ballet class. The ability to move and express oneself in front of an audience develops great self-confidence. Because ballet is challenging, self-esteem increases as students master difficult steps. This pattern of achievement can help children in other areas of life as they strive to achieve goals and apply themselves to life’s challenges.

3. Ballet teaches discipline

Ballet requires extreme precision. This in turn requires the student to learn the value of patience, persistence, and perseverance. The complexity of ballet technique teaches organizational skills and lends itself to creating order in life. Most of all, ballet training develops tremendous concentration skills. To succeed in ballet, students must train themselves to focus, shutting out extraneous distractions.

4. Ballet exercises the brain as well as the body

Ballet requires thinking with both sides of the brain. It develops strong creative thinking skills, mental multitasking skills, and imagination. The Children’s Creative Dance Club Division and The Performing Arts Pre-Professional Division at The Ballet Club in New York City emphasize mathematical skills to students through the use of spatial relationships, music, and rhythm. Quick memorization of sequences is essential.

5. Ballet is FUN!

Fun does not begin to describe the joy that one can feel while dancing and learning ballet technique. Dancing is a joyful, exhilarating experience. To take space, to fly through the air, to make your body move in incredible ways is an experience that can rarely be matched. It is life- giving!